5th Generation Active RF-ID - developed in 2014

U+Link™ is a brand new next generation technology that links your, devices and assets on a Wireless Device Network (WDN). It allows you to monitor, manage and protect devices, data and assets from a central place on the Internet. To make it even more exceptional U+Link™ can monitor devices with a wide range of sensory modules, while keeping all the important data about the device in one place. Read this article on U+Link™ - Modular Wireless Technology , or watch this video for a comprehensive overview of U+Link™ - Modular Wireless Technology.
  • author Terry Ashwin
  • skills Inventor
  • date May 2014
  • category Control_Systems,Foundational_Wireless-RF,Foundational_Sensing,Active_RF-ID,RF_Locking,GSM

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