Audio System

Being a musician Terry has always been involved in amplifier development which started with valve amplifiers for aircraft transceivers in the mid 70’s to various instrument amplifier systems to compete acoustically with the “Vox AC30”, ”Hughes & Kettner” , “Messa-Engieering”, ”Bose Linearray” , HK Pa systems all for live performance and TC Electronics processors for audio pre amplification and studio audio processing. He then spent the last 15 years in development of home audio with emphasis on achieving an affordable class A audio amplifier with preamp and divers for multiple inputs. The goal was to create a “hi-fi powered” speaker system that could compete acoustically with his reference systems – Macintosh , Caver ,Quad and Bose lifestyle / 901 and have an aesthetic value as in the B&O systems. He recently developed an amplifier and audio transceiver for an American consortium. His greatest strength however is as an inventor and innovator which is what has given the new audio product its features and performance.
  • author Terry Ashwin
  • skills Inventor
  • category Audio
  • year 2005 - 2006

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