Dialogue Data Logging System

The Dialogue Data logging system is a passive digital logbook, which automatically records all aspects of any movable asset with regard to their location, distance, speeds and stop/start against date and time, Coupled with the ID information of the operator and the specific vehicle, the Dialogue Data, logging system provides a complete record for effective management control. The Dialogue Data logging system operates automatically without any human intervention by using the latest, state-of-the-art' digital satellite technology that is accurate to within one meter, anywhere on earth. The detailed information recorded by the Dialogue Data logging system is then set against detailed built-in maps, or customised user-specific maps and can provide the user with programmable filters that provide automatic reports concerning any deviations from management norms such as areas, routes, speeds, stops, times and dates, etc. This system was developed by Terry Ashwin in 2002. For more details click here.
  • author Terry Ashwin
  • skills Inventor
  • category Vehicle_Management
  • year 2002

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