Fleet Link

Fleetlink is a fleet management system that records vehicle data such as Day, Month, year, start time, end time, road time, idle time, time in green band, harsh braking 1 and 11, number and time of1 over speeding. maximum speed, number and time over RPM, max RPM, KM in green bank, total KM in day, current vehicle ODO, driver ID, vehicle ID, harsh acceleration, number of brake pedal use, max and min temperature, number aux pin high, duration aux pin high, normal hours Km, normal hours road time on a daily basis. Data is displayed graphically in 24 hour periods of vehicle usage. This system has an advanced data capacity and has the ability to link up with security systems and vehicle recovery and satellite navigation operations and cargo protection, considered to be the most important developments in the future of vehicle use and control. For more details on Link-It click here and for more details on FleetLink click here.
  • author Terry Ashwin
  • skills Inventor
  • category Vehicle_Management
  • year 1997 - 2000

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